Photopia is a work of documentary photographic exploration presented through a series of reports on diverse subjects. New reports are added as time goes by, transforming the whole into a moving chronicle. They are accessible via the links on the right...

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This work is spanned by several recurring themes:

"Genus Loci" is the point of departure for the work as a whole, the grounding of the subject within the place where it is photographed; "States of Emergencies" scrutinize political demonstrations; "Melancholics Anonymous" visits spaces transformed into visiting sites, through intensive touristic exploitation; "Gutworks" questions the status and the position of the camera itself, within the ambivalence of the role it occupies between mediation and predation ; "Ephemerality" stems from the desire to relinquish the control exercised over the composition of the photographic subject... more »

Tarzan's Relations

[ San Diego | 4th August 2007 ]

San Diego's world renowned zoo plays an active role in the conservation of endangered species. Every day, thousands of tourists from America and abroad pass through its gates... more »

Extravagant behaviour
in front of the Eiffel Tower

[ Paris, Trocadero | 3rd October 2006 ]

A great many tourists visiting Paris approach the Eiffel Tower for the first time from the Place du Trocadero, a large esplanade where the monument's revelation may take place in a suitably dramatical manner... more »

Tel Aviv between
ten thirty and eleven

[ Tel Aviv | 25th May 2006 ]

A brief urban photographic walk which visits Hayarkon and Ben Yehuda Streets, starting and ending at the American Embassy, but excluding the latter by special request of the security personnel... more »

against the CPE

[ Toulouse | 4th April 2006 ]

The enormous demonstrations on the 4th April against the First Employ Contract, expression of profound opposition, sealed the fate of the law, passed and withdrawn within two weeks. Toulouse united 90 000 demonstrators... more »

against the CPE

[ Toulouse | 18th March 2006 ]

Since early 2006, successive demonstrations against the First Employ Contract mustered ever increasing numbers. The march in Toulouse brought together the general public accompanying the students and syndicalists... more »

Fashion Victims

[ Aix en Provence | 1st August 2005 ]

The quarter of Aix located between the Cour Mirabeau and the Law Court is home to a good many boutiques, where the most important clothing brands are on show in the shop windows... more »

Matabiau Railway Station
and surroundings

[ Toulouse | 1st March 2004 ]

The Matabiau Railway Station is an important regional hub, serving the entire southwestern region of France. The freight station is located at its northern limit, above the Rue du Faubourg de Bonnefoy... more »

Times Square, twilight

[ New York | 9th September 2003 ]

There are urban squares which function as places where one stops for a pause, to sit down, converse: Times Square is the contrary, a frenetic space where the population, in a condition akin to "just in time", crosses and disappears... more »

Larzac Gathering, 2003

[ Larzac Plateau | 9th August 2003 ]

The Larzac gathering, organised between the 8th and the 10th August 2003 by a broad collective of alterglobalisation movements, constituted a meeting place for hundreds of thousands of people under the banner of global solidarity... more »

Paris, metro line n° 1

[ Paris | 23rd May 2002 ]

Metro line n° 1, linking the business district of La Défense to the Château de Vincennes, crosses the centre of Paris from west to east. This is the linewhich runs underneath the Champs Elysees... more »