Jerusalem, Western Wall
26th January, 2001
11:36 AM - 12:36 PM

The Western Wall is a place of prayer and of intense religious socialisation. And Friday is the gradual transition from weekday to Shabbat.

This picture functions in a similar fashion to "Tolosa": when it first displays, there are no people. There is a red cloth on the table. A double click brings on the people.

The picture provides an anthropological view of the functioning of this space, via the rituals, both religious and social, of the people there. The man with the blue anorak is in charge, he seldom leaves the table, and enters frequently into discussion with his fellows. Indeed, with patience you will observe the moment when he changes the table cloth. There are other instants to watch for: a man on a chair has a revelation, another reaches up to push a note into a cranny in the wall.

Hold the mouse down to freeze the moment. Double click to clear the stage… and to switch the table cloth.