Port de Lers, Ariège
8th May, 2001
6:51 - 6:58 PM

I have always had a problem with QuickTime VR. The narrow focus on a sliver of view taken out of a spinning 360° band disorientates me - it has little to do with the reality of a person turning her head. In this picture I have tried to create an interface which combines a view of the entire image, as an anamorphosed peripheral ring, which displays the current QuickTime VR view in the centre.

The red circle on the periphery indicates the fraction of the 360° view which is currently visible. You can explore the picture either comprehensively, by using the arrow and zoom navigational tools, or intuitively, by manipulating the red ring. You can either drag it around to reach what you wish to view, or click at your destination to jump there. You can choose between this orientated mode, and dynamic navigation, which corresponds to QuickTime VR's normal way of functioning.