Petra Olympou, Macedonia (Greece)
15th September 2003
2:52 - 3:06 PM

This picture is of a stream that runs off Mount Olympus in Northern Greece. It explores the motion of the water, as well as the notions of photographic depth of field and exposure length.

Move the mouse towards the top, and you will bring the focal plane of the picture forward, blurring the stream to focus instead on different parts of the foliage in the foreground.

If you stroke the picture rapidly, the flow of water smudges together, like a photograph taken with a long exposure, while the stream changes in an ever increasing rush - stop stroking, the stream slows down.

Hold the mouse down, and you will freeze the instant of motion.

Sound serves as "atmosphérique" material: the rustle of the stream becomes muffled when the focal plane leaves the river for the foliage in the foreground. It quickens with the motion of the mouse.