Urban audit of the project by Gabriel de Hoÿm de Marien
Client: SAES / SNC Quai de Brienne
August 1991

The ZAC du Bazacle is located between the Garonne River embankment, the Brienne Canal, and the circular boulevard which encloses the town centre of Toulouse. The terrain had been deserted, but was adjacent to buildings with a strong historical charge: the Bazacle hydroelectric power station and the old State run Tobacco Factory. The project by Gabriel de Hoÿm de Marien proposed a dense habitat facing the embankment.

The audit's objective was to validate the project's global approach in terms of transportation, open areas, water, lighting, spatial hierarchy, commercial and other activities, reference to and anchoring within the city. There was a clear tension between the real estate developer's intention to create a residential complex targeting a well-off clientele, and the strategical position occupied by the ZAC within the city.

The study examined, in a very precise manner, the different spatial zones, both public and private, composing the project. A series of propositions were made concerning the functioning and the design of the different parts, presented by a detailed and illustrated description, looking at each sector of the project in turn.