Urban study in preparation for the revision of the POS (Land Occupation Plan)
Client: Lavernose-Lacasse Town Council
April 1993

The town of Lavernose-Lacasse is located on the vast alluvial plain that borders the Garonne River south of Toulouse and north of the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains. It constitutes a fertile agricultural territory, occupied by numerous cosy villages, such as Lavernose-Lacasse. The village has developed around a large square between the church and the old château, today the town hall.

The objective of this project was a preparatory global study for planning the territory of the town centre and its immediate periphery, concluding in a series of recommendations for the structuring of the space and its evolution, in order to serve as a framework for the revison of the POS which would follow it. The study dealt with the urban space in terms of general planning, the identification and development of cardinal places, and the characterisation of urban tissue by sector.

In this way, detailed attention was given to the town hall square, which at the time of the study consisted of a broad open area with scanty design occupying the area between the edifices. The structuring of the totality of the exterior spaces, in harmony with the needs of transportation and new commercial premises, led to suggestions for the design of an urban square. A series of proposals were made for the town's territory in order to establish a town code which would preserve its identity.