Urban project
Client: SETOMIP, Toulouse
Octobre 1992

The town of Saïx borders Castres in the department of the Tarn, straddling the highway coming from Toulouse. At the time of the project, the town was subject to somewhat chaotic urban development, with a badly organised spatial structure. The setting up of the ZAC des Martinelles, with an industrial vocation, between the town centre and the highway was cause for a rupture within the existing urban tissue.

The objective of this project was to establish a coherent urban conception for Saïx, by creating an integrated structure between the ZAC on the periphery and the town centre, via the residential neighbourhoods, especially that of the schools, situated between the two. The issue of transportation, particularly, was pressing, as the main road going through the original village had become congested and inappropriate for urban use.

Saïx is situated in a rather spectacular position, on a promontory jutting over the Agoût River. The work consisted in devising a plan and linking up the spaces, from the town hall square, along the belvedere following the Agoût, through the schools neighbourhood with its public services and shops, to the ZAC des Martinelles and its professional activities.